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Callie Grace is a member of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding. Sci-Unison Fitness offers elite natural bodybuilding online programs as well as natural bodybuilding coaching.

Team-SUF-Callie Grace-ThumbName: Callie Grace

Team SUF Generation 4

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 130, offseason 139

Favorite Aspect of Competing: Apart from competitions providing the extrinsic motivation to get in the gym and make myself better I love being part of a team whose goals and values align with my own.

Least Favorite Aspect of Competing: The final week before competition. Trying to balance the millions of different things that need to get done like tanning, meal prepping, travel, and just general nerves.

Favorite Body Part to Train: back

Favorite Exercise: sumo deadlifts

Favorite Quote: “Exercise, you don’t have time not to”

Contest History:

2015 WNBF Naturalmania– Fit Body– 2nd Place – * TEAM SUF Show details

2015 WNBF Naturalmania– Open Figure Tall – 3rd Place – * TEAM SUF Show details